Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yeah-ish for Rain!

Yep, yeah-ish. The rain (2.5") was much needed, but along with it came a huge increase in humidity. Yesterday morning it was 91%, so it makes doing anything outside quite miserable. My clothes on the line took forever to dry, and I actually had to run the dryer for the first time in 4 weeks to finish getting the last few things dry.
Yesterday we had this monstrous frog hop into the garage, followed closely by Chuckie the cat. Let the cat inside and put the frog out in the flower bed...hope he made it home safely.
As I went outside to take pictures this afternoon of the lo's I completed this was thundering and looking like it could rain again. It is supposed to be quite a bit cooler this week, so bring on the rain I say (if nothing else, it means we don't have to water the garden and the flowers as much...our water bill is almost as extreme as our electric bill).
I didn't get a whole lot of crafty things done this weekend...spent more time cleaning and gathering stuff for layouts. But I did get a few layouts completed that have been sitting around waiting for me for a while.

First up, our youngest pup who insists on sitting on my lap as we drive to work because the views of the deer are better from the front seat.
Then a layout about doing laundry on the of my most loved parts of summer.
Then a couple of simple layouts I did on some canvas that I painted Christmas Eve last year.

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