Sunday, October 23, 2011

The state is set

I know I've been away for a few weeks...but lots has been going on around here. Most importantly, we are North Carolina (for some reason, 'The P's are moving to NC' reminds me of this Simpson's clip). K interviewed there a month ago yesterday, and they called a couple of weeks ago and offered him the job. Very excited, except for the whole starting Nov. 2nd part. Yep, they pretty much want him there immediately. So we are working like crazy to get stuff done around here and things set up there. We will pick up a 26ft rental truck on Tues to haul a load over on Thurs/Fri and unload Sat into a storage building. Sun and Mon we will spend house hunting, and Tues the 1st I have an interview before heading back home on Wed. Yep, I have an interview already! My former supervisor at my previous job moved to NC just over a month ago, to a company I had been looking at jobs at all along. Very nervous as I have to give a seminar, but I'm sure it will go fine...hope so anyway! The only downside of the position is that they also want people to start pretty quickly, so we are really hoping we can find a house soon so that we can be moving in early Dec. Luckily we have a great start on the mortgage process, so closing in a month will potentially be feasible. Have found a place for K to live for the next month+, and have a horse/duck transporter lined up, so things definitely seem to be falling into place. Needless to say, the house is not looking the best, with boxes and furniture being lined up to load on Wed. K and Dad have been moving the farm type stuff to the yard so it is easier to move, and its beginning to look like we are having a farm auction:
Trying to get a few things done before we leave. One important one involving this gorgeous huge oak tree behind the house:
Mom and I have been wanting to climb it for years. Today was the day. Didn't actually go very far up (K and Dad were concerned for our safety) but did have a wonderful time taking pictures of the view, and each other:
My mums are gorgeous this year...providing wonderful color to my flower beds. So excited to see what all I can grow in NC!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Week to Relax week with nothing much going on!

This past week we traveled to New Mexico to assess it as a possible location to relocate to. Crazy short trip trying to pack a lot into essentially 1.5 days. Met with a realtor, explored the area, and had an awesomely fun trip to White Sands National Monument:It's trips like this one that make me so thankful that K and I travel together sooo much better now than we used to. Some of our trips early in our marriage were spent with neither of us in the best of moods. But we've been much better the last several years...and that proved to be a good thing on Thursday. We were headed back to the airport and K was wanting to have lunch. I thought it would be better to just go to the airport and have lunch there so we would get the rental car back in time. Once we got through security, we were headed towards a food court when K's phone rang. It was the company he was interviewing with calling to say that our flight was cancelled, and we were going to now fly to Chicago (instead of DFW) and then back to Wichita, putting us in almost 4 hours late. We decided to go to the gate and see what was up since we had just checked in and had not been told about this cancellation. When we get to the gate, there was a flight leaving at that moment to DFW, and it had empty seats! So, we skipped lunch and got on board. Luckily we had snacks with us and we were quite happy to have waited for lunch!

Back home fall has arrived...
...and we get to enjoy this week of nothing-ness before we are off on another location visit next week..