Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm a KU fan!

Nope, I have not changed college allegiances...but I do like Keith Urban! We attended his concert on Friday, and someone in the crowd had a sign that said something about how he was the only KU they liked, and I found it quite amusing. He does put on quite a show though...really shows his appreciation for the fans. So here's a couple of photos from the night...
On Thursday, the women from my department went out to lunch at Umi to celebrate the August birthdays. It was a total blast. I had never been to a Japanese steakhouse where they prepare your food in front of you before...too fun! And super yummy too! The two of us present who had August birthdays even got serenaded twice...once by our chef with a little flaming onion 'cake', and then again by our waitress with fried bananas and ice cream with a candle on top.

Today while I was out doing laundry I heard a plane flying low. Couldn't see it at first through the trees, but finally caught a glimpse of it and realized it was a crop duster. Haven't seen one of those since I was growing up in Goodland. Cool. We stood out and watched it make several passes, and of course got a few pictures as well.

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