Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

It's been miserably hot here the last several weeks...most days at least 100F, and several with a heat index above 110F. Will it ever end? Everyone is miserable. I look at the 10 day forecast and get excited about the cool 90's ahead, but they never appear. I don't even want to see the electric bill this month. Even Charlie is exasperated with the heat (or maybe its just the sunlight streaming through the window)

But on the plus side, I am getting lots of crafty things done since it's too hot to leave the house! My one serious weakness is all things Prima...I probably have more flowers than I will ever use, but I can't keep from buying more with each new season. Recently I found the Prima Live classes and I'm in heaven. I bought a few of the kits, including these 2 projects that I created last weekend and yesterday:

I skimmed through the other videos and found several projects that I could create with the supplies I already have...maybe I can use up some of those flowers after all!

I have a huge pile of other projects and layouts I was hoping to get done this weekend, but Monday is quickly approaching.

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