Monday, November 9, 2009

Crazy week

We had one crazy week this summer...first Chelse (the horse) injured herself..not unusual for her, but she must have really been in pain as she chose to just lay down in the was hot and she became dehydrated and subsequently colicked. So frustrating when I have to call a working Vet in to fix something. Then the next night Elle (the duck) was not feeling well...I suspected she was egg bound, so she got to soak in a hot bath in the laundry room sink. Then, since things always happen in 3's, the next night we got home to find the neighbors cows up at the fence visiting with the, these cows weren't concerned about the strange ducks they were encountering, but as soon as I walked out to take pictures they turned and ran...and were all back home by the time we got the neighbor called and he and his cattle dogs arrived. Ahhh...the excitement we experience out here!

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Bettina Groh said...

Oh the things one learns from YOUR blog!!