Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching up

Ok, so I've not been doing a very good job again lately on the blogging thing. For some reason this time I seem to be a bit more motivated, so hopefully that motivation will stick around...maybe it's because several people have emailed wanting to see pictures of different projects, and I'm tired of emailing everyone seperately! I know I have only included 2 crafty things in my pictures, despite the fact that I have actually have been doing many crafty things. We've made several bears in the last few months, but the pictures are on Mom's computer, and I have done some scrapping, but I tend to not take pictures of those things. But now that we have most of the floors replaced and most of the painting done, I'm hoping to have more time to be crafty...and blog about it. So, now that it's April, maybe that can be my New Year's resolution!!

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